Hannah Bell

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Hannah Bell is Founder of Hannah Bell Ministries dba The enVision Conference focused on inspiring individuals to dream big, regain their hope and realize that their lives are significant. Her passion is to inspire people to live to their full potential while equipping them to function as effective, servant leaders. Hannah holds a B.B.A in Entrepreneurship from St. Edward’s University and a M.A. in Government from Regent University. She is from Austin, Texas and enjoys time with her family, writing and a good cup of coffee while chatting.


Why Hannah started enVision?

At some point, you have probably asked yourself the questions: What am I doing with my life? Am I significant? What is my purpose? Can I make a difference in a complicated world?

While growing up, I asked myself these very questions. In a world where people are in desperate need of purpose, direction, and character, I wondered, “What can my simple life do to make a difference?”

Several years ago, after encouragement from my father to consider starting a conference, I put the idea to the side, thinking that a conference would be something only someone older could do effectively. In 2010, at 24 years old, my concept radically changed. While sitting in my bedroom, preparing to study for some classes, I felt the need to spend time in prayer. Little did I know that God would use this time to impress on my heart the need to start a conference with the intent to awaken my generation.

Starting with $1,500, no conference planning experience, and some family members and friends advising me, I set out on an adventure that has resulted in two conferences in Austin and a third conference in San Antonio, Texas. This endeavor has stretched me in ways I never would have imagined, given me the fulfilling opportunity to encourage men and women to reach their potential, and ignited a passion to see my generation awaken to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Hannah Bell Ministries dba The enVision Conference is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Austin, Texas. The enVision Conference has brought together a diverse group of speakers who have inspired men and women ages 18-29 to dream big, regain their hope, and realize that their lives are significant. The enVision message will inspire you to reach your potential, connect with individuals who will encourage and help you in your endeavors, equip you with information to plan for your future and challenge you to take your dreams and plans and put them to action.

Before you can spark a passion within someone, you have to dream and dream BIG. The enthusiasm you have and perseverance you display will trigger within others to begin asking the question, “What am I

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doing with my life?” Your life is having an impact. If you influence one person to dream again, help one individual regain hope, or inspire one man or woman to realize that his or her life is significant, you will have done something great.

I consider it a pleasure and honor to inspire you to dream big, awaken you to discover your purpose, encourage you to fulfill your potential and emphasize the point to never give up.  Get excited, though things may look bleak at times, God put YOU on this earth NOW to do great things in this generation!

“I, the Lord, have called You…” – Isaiah 42:6

Based on Christian Principles