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enVision will inspire you to dream big, regain your hope and realize that your life is significant by awakening you to passion, purpose and leadership.

What enVision has done…

The enVision Conference began as an event focused on awakening this generation to purpose, rekindling the values of integrity, hard work ethic and endurance while equipping young adults to understand what it means to leave a legacy as servant leaders. Now two cities and three Conferences later, enVision has provided the atmosphere for success – challenging, connecting and inspiring individuals to think outside the box, network effectively and apply what they have learned to raise the standard of excellence.
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What enVision is doing now…

enVision is now taking the message of passion, purpose and leadership to individuals. Like never before it is time to awaken people to think about the possibilities that await them, their reason for existence and the values that will sustain their calling. enVision’s Founder, Hannah Bell, will bring the message to dream big, regain hope and realize that your life is significant to groups, churches and businesses.

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Purpose – knowing the reason for your existence that far exceeds your grandest dreams

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